About Us

Taxila Secondary School

Situated in the heart of Nirvana , Taxila Secondary School Opened its doors in (year) . Many successful members of the community still reside in Nirvana and pride themselves in sending their own children to our prestigious institution.
At Taxila , we dare to be different . Our passionate team of highly qualified and experienced teachers, leave no stone unturned in offering the best , all round education for our learners . The school campus is always being upgraded and in an effort to move towards a more technological approach, many classrooms have been equipped with smartboards.

We understand and hear the needs of our learners . Not everyone was born to be a fitness fanatic so together with the various sporting codes, we offer debating ( with an in house coach) , media training , chess and home economics.
Learners participate often in provincial, national and international competitions and in 2019 alone , 3 of our students were chosen to represent the country in debating , soccer and gymnastics . We aim for the top and we get there !

The Best

Meet the Teachers

Mr. Ramara
Mr. Madzhia
Deputy Principal
Mrs. Leso
Deputy Principal